Senior Software Engineer / DevOps

Odesa, UA
Housecall Pro
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Ruby (advanced)

Distributed systems (master)

Why Housecall Pro?

Help us build solutions that build better lives. At Housecall Pro, we show up to work every day to make a difference for real people : the home service professionals that support America’s 100 million homes.

We’re all about the Pro, and dedicate our days to helping them streamline operations, scale their businesses, and ultimately save time so they can be with their families and live well.

We care deeply about our customers and foster a culture where our company, employees, and Pros grow and succeed together.

Leadership is as focused on growing team members’ careers as they expect their teams to be on creating solutions for Pros.

We also offer :

  • Compensation : 6 600 - 9 200 USD monthly (B2B)
  • Paid holidays and flexible, take-it-as-you-need-it paid time off
  • Equity in a rapidly growing startup backed by top-tier VCs
  • Newest MacBook and setup fee ($500)
  • A culture built on innovation that values big ideas, no matter where they come from

As a Senior Distributed Systems Engineer , you will be leading a team of software engineers focusing on building and improving critical code and infrastructure in a distributed systems context.

You will guide improvements in the design, security, reliability, and observability of our systems, as well as the velocity with which our teams can make changes to these systems

This is a hands-on role! A qualified candidate must be interested in and capable of guiding the strategy and architectural work of a small (3-5 person) engineering squad.

We expect our leaders to lead from the front. A successful leader in our team enables others to do their best work, and to do that you need to understand the intimate details of working with our system.

Your responsibilities will include :

  • Writing code that sets the example for software engineers to follow
  • Supporting and growing the software engineers on your squad
  • Understanding business priorities and guiding code design and infrastructure work accordingly
  • Enabling our software engineers to ship rapidly and safely
  • Providing technical leadership, architectural insights, and individual contributions to the codebase
  • Leading the design applications using AWS cloud infrastructure

You will work as part of the larger Housecall Pro engineering team, collaborating to identify and implement the tooling they need to iterate the product lines rapidly and safely.

Your ultimate goal is to enable engineering to help our sales and marketing team deliver the best experience possible to current and future customers.

You will do that by building teams that create a solid, flexible, stable foundation that enables us to ship quickly and safely in the face of massive growth on legacy and greenfield platforms.

This position requires enthusiasm for the details of code and systems running in the wild. You will face challenges with systems running real users and data that require imagination, tenacity, and attention to detail.

Curiosity and the ability to learn on your feet will serve you well in this role.

Our Engineering team is extraordinary. We’re a hardworking and focused team driven to deliver industry-leading apps to our customers.

Our success is their success. Our team of entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and client-focused team members are the "engine room" of Housecall Pro, helping our customers operate and grow their businesses.

As a qualified candidate, all of the following apply to you :

  • You have some engineering leadership experience and are dedicated to serving the teams you lead
  • You are a strong proponent of a DevOps culture and are committed to that endeavor and the work that it takes to build and maintain that culture
  • You are interested in a mix of people, product, and project management, as well as Individual Contributor work
  • You’re most comfortable in an Agile environment. You thrive on iteration. You make opportunities to bring value sooner rather than later, but always building toward the future.

You successfully teach others how to embrace Agile and improve their processes.

  • You value data-driven decisions. You are always looking for opportunities to quickly produce the right data in order to make decisions quickly.
  • Communicating your plans and actions across the engineering team is your superpower. You can explain complex topics in simple ways.

You know when to listen and when to push back. You keep cool under pressure.

You have experience with and embrace the challenge of building scalable infrastructure under constant change.

As a qualified candidate, most of the following apply to you :

  • You enjoy a mixture of software engineering, site reliability engineering, automation, performance optimization, security, and operations work
  • You have worked with distributed systems . You understand the tradeoffs between Consistency, Availability, and Partition Tolerance that you must design around in a distributed world.
  • You have written significant applications in Ruby , Python , or Node and understand how they can be utilized to power automation tasks, and drive integrations with 3rd party APIs.

Accordingly, reading and reasoning about code you are not familiar with is a breeze

  • You are familiar with eventing paradigms and CQRS .
  • You are comfortable with relational databases like MySQL or Postgres . You can optimize queries. You know when to add indexes.

You understand how to run these with High Availability, and you know their limitations from experience.

  • You are also comfortable with data persistence in S3 and NoSQL databases.
  • Linux has been part of your life for years at this point and other open-source tools are very familiar to you. Bash scripting accelerates your work .

You know which tools to use to debug or optimize a misbehaving instance or container.

  • You have built infrastructure in a public cloud using Infrastructure as Code. You may have used tools like Terraform , CloudFormation , Pulumi, or CDK.
  • A strong familiarity with containerization tools like Docker is a must and running containers in production is second nature.

You have used tools like AWS ECS , Kubernetes , Docker Swarm , or Mesos + Marathon .

You are familiar with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery / Deployment . You have automated deployment processes and created deployment pipelines.

You have used tools like GitLabCI, Travis , CircleCI , etc.

As an exceptional candidate, some or all of the following may apply to you :

Canary Deploys, Blue / Green deploys automated production testing or other tools that enable Continuous Deployment .

Founded in 2013, Housecall Pro champions home service professionals by giving them the tools to work simpler and grow smarter across all aspects of their business.

Our core SaaS software platform helps Pros with scheduling, dispatching, job management, invoicing, payment processing, marketing, and more.

We support more than 20,000 businesses and have over 400 ambitious, mission-driven, genuinely fun-loving employees in San Diego, Denver, and all over the world.

If you want to do work that impacts real people, supported by a team that’ll invest in you every step of the way, we’d love to hear from you.

Housecall Pro celebrates diversity and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees with equal treatment and opportunity in all aspects of recruitment, selection, and employment without regard to gender, race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, gender identity / expression, sexual orientation, veteran or military status, or any other category protected under the law.

Housecall Pro is an equal opportunity employer; committed to an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

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